Prospective Students

I am always looking for talented people. Whether you are interested in undergraduate research, a M.Sc. degree, a Ph.D. degree, or a post-doc fellowship, please consider applying. (I can’t host summer internships because Brazil lacks the administrative support for those — if that changes, I’ll let you know.)

Are you interested ? Please, contact me with :

  • Your résumé (short, American–style), with academic, professional, and extra-curricular activities. (If you have a Lattes CV, send me both the résumé and the link to the Lattes CV — but if you don’t have the Lattes, don’t worry) ;
  • Academic transcripts (Undergraduate if you are applying for a M.Sc., Undergraduate and Postgraduate if you are applying for a Ph.D.) ;
  • A small statement of intentions. No need to be formal or fancy : just state in the body of your message which kind of studies do you want to pursue, and which of my current projects attracted your attention.

My current research interests :

  1. Smart services with societal impact. I am mainly interested in the applications of Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Machine Intelligence to Education and Health.
  2. Large-scale Machine Learning for Multimedia. I am mainly interested in pervasive-learning architectures using techniques like deep neural networks and graphical models.

Currently, I am particularly interested in applications involving embedded systems, wearables, and mobile devices.

Please, take a look at my projects page to get a panorama of my work. You can also check my recent publications to catch on what I’m currently investigating.

I am looking for smart, committed people. I gladly accept part-time and full-time students, but part-time students have to convince me that their employer supports their studies. Above all, you have to show potential for postgraduate studies: creativity combined with rigor, ability to analyze and criticize your own work, resourcefulness, motivation,   persistence.

I am not too hang up on school grades but if they are horrible you’ll have to go an extra mile to convince me you can succeed in advanced studies. How so ? For example :

  • Do you have prior experience in research with good results ?
  • Do you have a great résumé, with interesting professional and extra-curricular activities ?
  • Have you worked on a cool project (e.g., contributed to an open-source project ? Created a nifty app ?)
  • Do you have a killer recommendation ?
  • Have you aced your POSCOMP / GRE / etc. ?

It goes without saying, that — as Madonna  sings — it makes no difference if you’re black or white; if you’re a boy or a girl — or (I add) if you’re 20 or 80 years old; if you’re lesbian, gay, straight, bi or trans (or anything in-between, or anything else entirely); if you’re single, or if you’re married with 7 kids; if you were born in Barão Geraldo, Campinas, right besides our School, or if you come from the other side of the planet (*) — if science’s pumping it will give you new life, you’re a superstar, yes, that’s what you are: you know it !

[Err… back to what I was saying…]

One word about procedures and deadlines:

For students, admission is regulated by our Postgraduate Coordination. Usually, if you want to start in March, you have to apply by late September; and if you want to start in August, you have to apply by mid-April. Pay attention to those dates because the deadlines are firm.

For post-doc fellows, admission does not depend on the Postgraduate Coordination, and is only contingent to grant rules.

About grants and scholarships. Our school has a number of internal grants that are automatically distributed to full-time students, according to (complex) internal rules. In the past those grants were enough to cover all full-time students, but for some years this has no longer been the case. Therefore, full-time students are strongly encouraged to talk to their prospective advisors about obtaining external grants.

In summary, if you like my research themes, if the love of science runs in your veins, and if you’re committed to do good work — drop me a note !

(*) Provided you can understand at least enough of Portuguese to follow our classes. For the moment we have very few courses in English (mostly mine), sorry about that. We are working to change that: if you would like to be our student, but language is a barrier, please drop a note to our Postgraduate Studies Coordination and let them know there is a demand for courses in English.