Prof. Dr. Eduardo Valle’s Homepage

Hi, there !

eduardo-valleI am Eduardo Valle, professor at the Department of Computer Engineering and Industrial Automation — DCA of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering — FEEC at the State University of Campinas — UNICAMP.

I am also a faculty member of the RECOD Lab (REasoning for COmplex Data).

I’ve got a Ph.D in Computer Sciences at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, in 2008. I’ve got a M.Sc. and a B.Sc., also in C.S., at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, in 2003 and 2001 respectively. If you are curious about my résumé, check out the details at my curriculum page.

I work with a talented team of researchers and students on smart services for education and health, and large-scale machine learning. You can find out more checking out my projects page and my publications page.

I also have a blog.

(…and a virtually unknown b-side).

* * *

Information about the current and past graduate and undergraduate courses I’ve taught can be found in my teaching page.

If you need more info, please drop me a note.